Spanish Tutor in Person

Do you prefer tutoring in Person?
You can also learn the Spanish language with one of our private tutors either one on one or in small groups (up to five persons)


Your Spanish personal tutor can meet you at home for your lesson if you live in one of the following cities in Canada:

Oakville, Ontario

Burlington, Ontario

Educational Program

You will learn a different Spanish Language topic in every lesson. Topics are organized in order of importance so you will learn first what you need to know in order for you to communicate. The covered topics will include:

– Vocabulary (a new list of Spanish Words for every lesson)
– Grammar (articles, verbs, and all the specific features of the Spanish Language)
– Spanish Pronunciation (the student will be always speaking in Spanish so her/his pronunciation will be permanently being corrected and improved)
– Oral and written exercises (the exercises will be provided in class and the student will keep them)
– Homework correction and handing out
– Additional activities


Our method is visual and communicative. Students will learn by speaking in Spanish, so they are always practicing what they learn in class. In the course students will permanently practice speaking, listening, reading and writing. The tutor will specifically focus on every student’s learning covering the topics at her/his own pace in a positive and enjoyable environment. At the end of every lesson there will be an assignment on which students work in order for them to reinforce and practice the covered topics.

Lesson Materials

Students will only have to take their notebook and pen to the lesson. All the exercises to be performed in the class will be provided by the teacher.


All levels are welcome. Group classes are subject to minimum enrollment.


Our schedules are very flexible. Students can keep a fix schedule if it is more convenient for them. Other students prefer to schedule lessons a week in advance. It is also possible. Lessons can be canceled at no charge with a 24-hour cancellation notice.

The Spanish Language has very specific features that we incorporate in our visual methodology making your learning an enjoyable experience. Are you tired of the Language School you are attending because you do not have the opportunity to speak? With our method you will be speaking in Spanish from the very first lesson!. You will be learning the language in the most natural way: learning Spanish by speaking! Our private tutors have the knowledge and experience to teach you how to speak. Our Spanish lessons are really different from what you get in a regular Spanish School. We really care about your learning!.

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Testimonials of Lessons in Person

The tutor’s approach to teaching Spanish is remarkable for three
reasons: He offers an effective, well organized methodology, an open environment for learning and a relaxed pace that ensures a natural transition to speaking and understanding a second language.
Anna Sonser, Ph.D
Oakville, Ontario

I have been taking Spanish classes for many years, mostly
to keep my brain working, but I enjoy your style very much. We get a
great deal of speaking, but we also deal with the more complicated
issues of Spanish grammar in a very informative and yet, not too dry a way. I love the “cultural content” of our lessons. You share your
knowledge with us and we, as mature students, can talk freely about our experiences in life.
The interaction is very encouraging, the teacher always finds topics that enlarge our vocabulary and broaden our horizon. All in all, a very satisfying experience.
Muchas gracias !
Claudia Jaecklein
Burlington, Ontario

I feel very fortunate to have “found” this teacher approximately 14 months ago. I had a self taught beginner’s knowledge of the Spanish language, but feel now that after my weekly sessions that I have progressed up to a functioning intermediate level. The tutor’s method of teaching is very professional yet relaxed. He uses a computer course with visual images which helps to cement words and concepts in your mind, in conjunction with constant Spanish conversation about subjects that are mutually interesting. I really enjoy my sessions and am really excited about one day becoming fully bilingual in this wonderful language. I really feel that I have gotten great value for my money with Edgar.
Oakville, Ontario

Most people learn best through visual aids. This is one of the reasons why our tutor is such an effective teacher of the Spanish language. His methodology and one-on-one or small group classes ensure that the student internalizes the rules and materials, remembers them and applies them in conversation. He makes learning fun. I highly recommend Edgar as a Spanish teacher.
Margaret Vokes
Oakville, Ontario

I have been taking Spanish lessons with my teacher for a little over 2 years now. My learning experience has been extremely positive. The tutor provides an excellent class environment. Class time is always well divided into every day conversation, correction of homework and learning a new verb tense or grammatical concept. My teacher knows how to make each class interesting by always keeping each lesson fresh with new elements such as: listening to a song or story even visiting via the internet an exciting hispanic city. It has been a great learning experience for me and Edgar is most definitely an excellent teacher.
Chantal Lebel
Mississauga, Ontario