Why study online?

– Time saving, traveling elimination, cost reduction, learning effectiveness, personal convenience.

How do I schedule my lesson?

– You have to contact us by e-mail and we will send you the directions on how to schedule a lesson.

How do I pay?

– You will make an on-line payment with a credit card or Pay Pal.

Do I have to speak any Spanish in order to start?

– No, in fact most of our students had no knowledge of the language at all when they started.

Will I need to buy materials like books or CDs?

– No, we will provide you with everything you need.

What is the main focus of the class?

– The main focus is speaking but you will also practice reading, listening,writing and grammar.

Will my Spanish level be evaluated?

– Yes, if you are not a beginner your level will be evaluated by a teacher at no cost.

If I take the first lesson, is there any obligation?

– Absolutely not.

Will you teach me European or Latin American Spanish?

– We will teach you both. Choosing the one you want to speak will be your own decision.

Will I be speaking with a computer?

– No, you will be speaking with a real person one-to-one.

Will the teachers use didactic tools?

– Yes, you will learn with a visual method in a natural conversation with your teacher.

Can I change the programmed schedule?

– Yes, you can as long as you contact us and let us know about the change at least 24 hours before the original scheduled time of the lesson.

How many lessons will I need?

– It depends on the level of the language you want to achieve. For complete beginners we suggest 40 hours to reach a survival conversation level.

Can I just pay for the first lesson and see if I like it?

– Yes.

What additional hardware do I need?

– It is essential that you have a headset (we can recommend you a pair if you do not know what to buy)

What kind of internet connection do I need?

– You will need a broadband or cable connection.

Will I be able to test the system before starting?

– Yes, we will test you computer and internet at no cost.

Why is it better to learn with a person than just with a computer course?

– The natural and most effective way of learning languages is by interacting with a human being (if not the only one)

Why will I learn faster with your method?

– The base of our method is practicing. You will experience permanent interaction and exposure to the language along with guidance and trial and error in real situations. This will be vital for your language acquisition process.

Why is your method better than buying a CD or DVD course?

– A language course on CD, or DVD, or even a traditional class, will not be able to provide you with what you need if the only thing you do is grammar and vocabulary drills. In those courses you will only have the chance of speaking sporadically and not even with a human interlocutor who corrects you.

What is the best way to learn the language?

– Judging by the facts from linguistic research and language acquisition studies, it is evident that traveling abroad is by far the best of all options to acquire a language effectively and in the shortest amount of time possible. On the other hand, if you cannot go to the foreign culture, let the foreign culture come to you!