Who are we?

We are passionate people about teaching and creating new ways of imparting knowledge. Teachers who are rewarded by theirs students’ learning. A long time ago, when I attended middle school, I realized that the subjects I loved the most where the ones taught by the best teachers. Later, I became more interested in languages and I realized that learning languages also depends on the method and teacher you have. I witnessed this myself when I decided to study a second language. In the beginning it took me very long to be able to communicate, and one day, when I found the right teacher and methodology, I started speaking with no problem at all.

Learning a new a language calls for endurance, hard work, practice and patience; the question is: why not turn this painful learning process into an enjoyable one and get better results?. In our method we try to teach in an enjoyable manner, letting the student participate and have a real experience of the language.

Edgar Quevedo

Spanish Teacher